Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday February 8th


First in the morning we arrived at I.E.S Santiago Apostol and we got the bus to go to Las Villuercas Geopark to hike and study the history and nature of the region. The Villuercas Geopark is an UNESCO Global Geopark.  The area has been inhabited since the start of human history and has been a coastal area before that, which can be noticed from the great amount of fossils. There are a lot of caves, some with cave paintings and the area has one of the strongest quartzite in the world, being very hard to mine (mining process using fire to head and make the rock more soft). The bird-life is wide and the area is rich of trees and plants, shown also in the little botanical garden.

a cork tree

After Geopark we had lunch in a typical local restaurant and had a very good meal.

The last stop was in Guadalupe. We had a guided tour in Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe. An interesting fact is that the monastery was very important for the discovery of America, because in one room of the old monastery of Guadalupe was written the letter to Christopher Columbus to start the caravels to make a new route to India but accidentally they ended to America. Everything that we saw was original and not restored, so that was already 500 years ago.