Thursday, February 16, 2017

Student exchange in Almendralejo - Thursday

On Thursday when we entered the school we had a feeling as if we had gone to a completely different place.  The whole building was decorated based on films and it was an amazing spectacle.

 The teachers of the school wore costumes and the students took part in a treasure hunt game and had to collect stars and clues at various stations.  Each station had different kind of activities based on various films and the tasks ranged from puzzles through singing and dancing to acting out.  

Solving logical puzzles

Dancing a scene from 'Grease'

Karaoke on cartoon songs

Preparing paper models

Students' 'ticket"

 Students also prepared a great show for younger students with wonderful costumes and special effects. 

It was a very well-organized event and both teachers and students enjoyed participating in it. The special schoolday was finished with a teacher lunch at the school cafeteria,  where we could taste various Spanish tapas and the traditional Paella of course! 

After the delicious meal we visited the breathtaking historic Merida,  where we admired the ancient Roman theatre,  amphitheatre and Diana's Temple. We heard a lot of interesting facts from Spanish students who - using these historic places as stages- acted out different scenes providing us with information about the ancient history of Spain. 

It was a wonderful day!