Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Tuesday at I.E. Santiago Apostol, February 7th

On Tuesday, February 7th,  we met at our hosts' school I.E. Santiago Apostiol. Everzbody gathered at the conference room where the Spanish exchange students and teachers warmly welcomed us. The coordianator had a speech about the importance of Europen exchanges and the impact they have on students, teachers, the schools involved.Then each country participating in the exchange presented their hometown and school. It was nice to find out interesting things about eachother and visualize where our friends come from. 

After that we went on the tour of the school. Snack time in the classroom followed. We loved that because, not only did we get to meet new people, we could also catch up with the ones we had known from before. Then higher education students presented their project, and each country their business idea which has been developed through the 3rd year of the project. Each of the countries presented the product as well as the company, its structure, financial plan, logo, advertising video, slogan and swot analysis. 

Afterwards each nation evaluated the job interviews students had made at home before the previous exchange in Finland. 4 interviews had been recorded for each country. Awards were given to the best ones. 

We had a break that included lunch and free time. We learned different words in all languages. We also got to know the town better with a photo scavenger hunt in Almendralejo. It's a beautiful town full of both history and youth. We spent our evenings with our families and went to bed late again.

Tajda, Marusa, Saso from Slovenia