Monday, February 06, 2017

Monday, 6th February

Before I start writing about Monday, we should sum up some activities we did on Sunday the 5th: The Spanish students met the Finnish and Hungarian groups first in the morning (sadly, Slovenian people arrived in the evening) and took them on a bus tour through the most important places in Madrid, and after that we arrived at “Las Musas” hostel  to have lunch with typical Spanish food. However, after that interlude we got to have some free time for ourselves to shop or just to have a walk with our guests. Also we walked around the “Retiro”, a huge park at the very end of  “Gran Via” street and lastly, we had dinner all together at a restaurant called “La Catedral” at night.

That was just a summary, but the truth is that at the end of the day we were extremely exhausted. However, on Monday was our last moment at the hostel, so we made the most of of it and started with some ice-breakers at nine in the morning. Ice-breakers are those activities we do to get to know each other better (even though some of us had already met before, but since some of them didn’t, it ended up being useful after all). Right after that we went straight to a guided tour in which we were shown the historical part of Madrid including the Royal Palace (which I didn’t know it was preserved as it was at the very beginning until the guide told me), the Almudena Cathedral, some other administration buildings and Mayor Square (the location I liked the most). Obviously, there’s no need to say that the visit was completely in English.

As for what happened the rest of the day, we had some free time (again) at Xanadú mall after having lunch at Foster’s Hollywood. In the end, we just got onto the bus and returned to Almendralejo (five long hours of travelling and “breathtaking” Spanish views) to spend the rest of the evening with the families of the Spanish hosts.

By Andrea Lavado Gordillo