Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Tuesday the 10th of November: Trip to Visegrád

                                Photo: Javier Cerrato Pachon

Trip to Visegrád
On Tuesday morning we left Százhalombatta and started our trip to Visegrád where we visited a royal castle, called Királyi Palota. The royal castle visit was really cool. First we had a guided tour around the castle and we heard interesting things about the history of Hungary.

 After the guided tour we walked up the stairs to the top of the castle (there were millions of steps but it was worth it...) and the view was amazing there!

After that we went to watch a jousting demonstration and then we had a chance to try e.g. shooting with a bow but I was so bad at it. 

Soon it was lunch time and we moved to the restaurant quite solemnly because we walked after the King and the Queen (who where the teachers from Slovenia and Spain) while the knights were drumming the drums. The food was good and we could feel the royalty as well with paper crowns that everybody got from the restaurant.

 After the lunch we continued to another city, Szentendre, where we had some free time. It was a really beautiful city, I totally fell in love with it. The streets, the buildings and all the small shops... And as a Christmas lover, I thought the small Christmas shops were so lovely. We also went to see the  big river, the Danube, and took some pictures there. 

When we drove back to Százhalombatta in the evening we could see the Parliament house in Budapest shining in the dark and it looked amazing. We would come back to the capital on Thursday...

Text and photos by: Marika