Monday, November 09, 2015

09 November 2015: The first day

All participants arrived on Sunday, so after some relaxation we met at 9 a.m. on Monday morning. We had a welcome performance of traditional Hungarian folk songs performed by students of Arany János school.
The guests were greeted by Sinka László-  the deputy mayor of Százhalombatta - and dr Horváthné dr Hidegh Anikó - the principal of the school.
After the warm welcome students got down to work and presented their schools and towns with the help of presentations and films.
After the presentations students were guided in the school and they were also given some questions with the help of QR codes that they needed to find answers for.
At 11 o' clock it was time to play some games! Students were really active during the drama activities that aimed at getting students more acquainted with each other. They were also asked to collect their expectations about their stay in Hungary.

The programme continued with a delicious lunch at Ebatta restaurant. It was really tasty!
After lunch students and teachers alike took part in a Hungarian language lesson, where they could learn some basic expressions in Hungarian as well as taste some typical Hungarian sweets. It was really great to hear these expressions from our guests all through the week :-)

Unfortunatelly, the weather was not really nice to us, so the interactive town tour could not be organized in the originally planned way, but the organizing Hungarian students managed to implement all the activities - taboo game, quiz, handicraft activities - on different locations.
After this activity the students had some time to chill out before the welcome party at school which started at 6 a.m. at school.
During the welcome event one of the Hungarian host boys - Pali- demonstrated some traditional folk dances with the help of his dance mates and also involved students and teachers in dancing activities.

At the end of the evening the students took part in some fun activities that were planned on the idea of the show called "One minute to win it.". They had to compete in teams doing funny things involving everyday objects such as plastic cups, cotton balls, baloons, etc. It was great fun and a good way to bring students together.

At the end of the day the students went home to relax and recharge their batteries for the rest of the week!!