Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wednesday, 11th of November - Lessons and Workshops

Wednesday, November 11th

On Wednesday, November the 11th, we started our day with two lessons in Arany János Gimnázium in Százhalombatta. After that, we went to our meeting room, where everything was already prepared for the following workshops. First, we gathered in a circle and we had to introduce ourselves. But we did it a bit differently! Everyone had to introduce someone else. Then, we formed 9 groups of four people, 1 fron each country. The leader of the workshops placed some different objects on the ground and each group got one of them. Our job was to give this object a new purpose. After the presentations of the new functions, they gave us a large paper and we had to write down the whole concept of making, selling,... of this object. To help us, we had some questions on the board, like why, who, when, where, how,... Then we presented our ideas.

 After the lunch break, we did the Crocodile challenge. We got into 5 groups od 9 people and we had to cross the "river", with 5 "magic stones", a.k.a. papers. In order to get to the other side, all of the 9 people had to be on the river, and it was really hard to stand. The  point of that was communication and patience, and of course collaboration. After the challenge, we once again formed 9 groups and we got 1 egg and 15 straws. We had to "dress" the egg, so it wouldn't break, when we threw it on the ground. Almost all of the eggs didn't break, so we were really proud of ourselves. When we were finishing, we have again gathered in a circle and everyone had to tell something that they learned or liked in the workshops. I think the workshops were really interesting and ful, because we had to communicate with other people and share our ideas and we had to thing differently.

Petra Ofentavšek,
Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice