Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Transnational meeting in Loimaa. Day 1

After a long journey to Loimaa the day before, we left the hotel accompanied by Leena, the Finnish coordinator, at about forty to nine a.m., just when it was starting to get light. As soon as we arrived at Loimaan Lukio, we were warmly welcomed by Hannu, the school principal and were introduced to some members of the staff. 
Then, we went on a tour of the school very kindly conducted by Jukko, the teacher of Swedish and German, and visited the school facilities as well as some classrooms for specific subjects like music, arts and crafts, cooking or physics. We were also shown the sports hall adjacent to the main school building and some common rooms for both lower and upper secondary students.
Afterwards, we started our first work session with an overview of the programme for the meeting and right after that Leena opened the session for the presentations of the schools, our towns and presentations of the students involved.        

For a better integration of all the participating teachers, the Finnish partners took the whole team on a visit to a horse farm called Kylämäen Hevostila in Marttila. There we went hiking in the forest for a while to end up eating sausages by a campfire that was wating for us on our way back

After that, we had dinner in the famhouse to socialise a little bit more and the owner talked for a while about 
the place, its origins, the horses  they bred and the activities they offered to visitors. Later in the evening, the Finnish teachers gave us a lift to the hotel, wherewe would take a deserved rest to get ready for the next day.