Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Transnational meeting in Loimaa. Day 2

On our second day of the meeting we spent the whole day working hard. During the morning sessions we got an insight into Digabi the digital testing site soon to be introduced in Finland for testing students for the final exam. We also got acquainted with Pedanet, the interactive learning platform used by Loimaan Lukio and we were shown some examples of its possible implementation.
We also presented some ICT tools for project work and language teaching, such as

After our morning sessions we had a delicious lunch in the school's canteen.

After lunch the workshops continued. We were given a really informative and interesting presentation on eTwinning, and we also collaborated on Twinspace -the common platform we are going to use for our project activities.
We gained knowledge about the components and the possible uses of European Language Portfolio, which we will use with our students to promote their independence in language learning applying continuous self and peer - assessment.

In the afternoon we worked in small groups to brainstorm and collect ideas concerning the implementation of our future project activities, with a special emphasis on the forthcoming logo competition and the task of interviewing local entrepreneurs. We also jointly compiled the questionnaires we are going to use for carrying out needs analysis among the participating students and teachers alike.
At the end of our productive day we had the honour to attend a volleyball match between the host Hurricaani and the guest Sampo in the sports hall adjacent to the school building. It was a really enjoyable and interesting match, and naturally the local team won!!

At the end of the day we were really tired to say the least, and we retired to our hotel rooms to enjoy our well-deserved rest after the long day.