Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday, October 12th

It has been four days since we arrived in Finland. The views are amazing, I must say, but every single new day is colder than the day before. Or at least, that is my modest impression. However the massive cold I am going to catch by the end of the week is totally worth it.

One of the things that has caught my attention so far is the way people behave here. I don’t mean it in a bad way, of course, it’s just a matter of culture anyways. It is hard for me to understand why they take their shoes off when they enter a house, for instance, or a kitchen like the picture below. And if they do, why don’t they take them off when they’re in other places like that factory where we were today, Pema.

By the way, it’s a factory that makes welding automation. Maybe this is out of context but, even though welding is not precisely interesting enough for my liking, I find  the passion with which they talked about business amusing. It was inspiring, and I guess that’s what counts in the end. They even gave us something to eat, so I guess it was a plus. After a couple of explanations about how things worked there, we arrived at Loimaan high school section again, and waited for a while for the kitchen class to be opened. Once we got into it, we had a good time preparing apple crumbles, a Finnish recipe. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact, I’m thinking about trying it out at home myself.

Earlier in the morning we had attended an interesting international event at school which provided an opportunity to disseminate YES for Future. Actually, some of the students in the project presented their schools and towns and the Finnish team gave us an account of their participation in other projects and student exchanges. Even volunteers and students from countries like Austria, France and Brazil presented their countries and culture as well as their cooperation and experience in Loimaan lukio.
At the end of the day, when the sun started to set, we went to a Finnish student's house, but what happened there is another story. So, to cut a long story short, we had a great time.

By Andrea Lavado Gordillo