Monday, October 10, 2016

Students' Exchange in Loimaa, Monday, 10th of October, 2016

We made it!!! It is hard to even think about anything while standing still outside the small red house with green roof (they are quite common in Finnland) in freezing cold waiting to go to Loimaan lukio, Upper - secondary school in Loimaa.

Our first day was a normal first day. Getting to know the new school for a week. We played many different interactive games about our likes and dislikes, ate typical Finnish black candies (a lot of them actually haha) and some other oaty breads, drank coffee and basically just got to know eachother a bit more (most of the names we, by the way, forgot immediately). The morning was completed by a school tour.

After a lunch break that we had in the school caffeteria, we were given a presentation about JCI organisation and were addressed by the three speakers with experience in the field of leadership and business. And that lead to a competition game (not in real life) which you probably all know (drum rolls) THE SHARK TANK!!!! Each country presented / piched its own business idea, that we had prepared at our schools before, and tried to convince the "sharks" they are a good bait. Nobody got a job, sadly, but it was a great way to share our business-way-of-thinking with other people.
Here's a link to the Shark Tank instructions

The Spanish team won the business pitching competition but we were all asured that we had done a good job. Overwhelmed by the good scores we were ready to learn a bit mote about presentation skills. We played an Introduce your friend in the limited time game which we enjoyed very much.

To cheer ourselves up we headed to the bowling centre where we drilled our anger, because we were too bad to hit that one pin (Well, only some of us were good at it!).

We are normal human beeings so we had to eat and because we are normal young human beeings we ate pizza! The night ended with hanging out at different students' houses and seeing northern lights! Yes, the actual ones!!!!

Tjaša Padežnik, Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice