Thursday, April 28, 2016

FRIDAY, the 22nd of April

The day started early as usual with a nice breakfast at the hotel. We got ready and soon headed for the school. Mikko kindly drove us there and woke us up with the most famous Finnish Humppa music band, Eläkeläiset.

Once at the school, we went to the library and hard work started.

First, Doroteja introduced us to the notion of “Integrative Curriculum”. She talked about the school experience using this teaching method. It is about linking different subjects in order to learn and develop students key competences. It was really interesting to see how they work as a real team with clear goals.

Later, members of each country presented different educational tools or digital resources to improve writing skills.
Terhi , talked about a useful tool for mathematicians called Geobebra. Using this tool you learn maths in a very dynamic way.
Mikko gave a presentation about Outdoor Learning and  Environmental Ecology and how positive it was for his students to work in the outsides even with bad weather.
Leena presented European Center for Modern Languages, a very interesting web page especially for English teachers.
Agnes, the Hungarian teacher, introduced us to different Tools for pre- writing. She gave us plenty of pages related to writing activities and how to improve not only our teaching but also our students production in writing. Some examples include Lino, Answergarden, Titanpad, Piktochart, Cliptomize among others.
After that,Javier  showed us a video made by Juan, our Head of studies, about an application called Layer and Geociudad and how he can use augmented reality and QR codes in a didactic way. After the video he presented the functionalities of Google Classroom.
Monica just named some useful web pages to be used in English lessons like for example IsabelPerez or iSL Collective.
Finally Mateja dealt with the basis of writing skills and she shared her thoughts on the importance of grabbing pen and paper and free writing as a way of approaching writing as a creative act. After that she talked about a tool called Compleat Lexical Tutor and explained how to use it in the classroom.

Once the presenteations were finished we were invited to attend a Business English Lesson and a Maths Lesson, where could see the real application of the integrative curriculum.

In this lesson Marjetka and her students revised some basic notions and vocabulary about business English. First she started motivating the students showing them some awesome T.V commercials and asked why they have liked them. Then she introduced the technical vocabulary and we ended up playing Kahoot! along with the students, which was really funny and entertaining.


In this lesson , the students had previously read a book called" The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime". First, the american assistant worked with the students to see if they had understood the plot and he also revised some clue words with them. After that, the Maths teacher, Helena, prepared the students for some activities where the students had to solve some problems taken from the book.All the students worked in groups and they were able to solve them and presented the solutions to the rest of the class.

After this activity, we went to have lunch and we had some free time to buy  souvenirs. 

At 17.00  we were driven to a wonderful place to have dinner.The restaurant, the place, the atmosphere were very peaceful , we were very relaxed and we all enjoyed that moment a lot. Mateja, Oskar, Doroteja and the Principal Jasmina, were very friendly and really kind for taking us there. It was the last meal together after three wonderful days and we were so happy and excited.

Thank you all for those wonderful and unforgettable moments.