Monday, June 08, 2015

FRIDAY, April the 17th

Some people may think that six days are really a short period to know the person …  However, we don't think the same.  Every single one of us tried to do our best with lots of overloaded energy, laughing moods and happiness to be a part of such great community of inspiring people as we, Y.E.S. community,  are.
In the morning we took a bus to Maribor. Our plan was a team building workshop, which means that six mixed groups tried truly hard to find all of Maribor's interesting and extraordinary sights.  Our team spirit was investigative, and every group took teachers seriously, followed the instructions and we were having fun with our tourist selfies in front of the Cathedral, Vinag Wine Cellar, etc. After  14 points had been found, we went back to the  main bus station and felt tired and enthusiastic together,  because of walking a lot.
Now, there was Europark time, baby! J Wandering along corridors, window shopping, buying some Slovene specialities, eating delicious dishes. Saying goodbye to Maribor and driving back to Slovenske Konjice we felt really sleepy.
Finally, at 18.00 o'clock we went back to our high school because of the Intercultural night. At the beginning every single country presented special traditions, national dances and songs to other members of exchange. After that we had a really funny quiz (congrats to Hungary and Slovenia, and an applause for Finland, because of presenting sauna in laughable way, and for Spain- the greatest sketch of traditional Spanish life).
When people talk  a lot it makes them hungry. Oh, right, we are people! So no excuses, after geographical coloured time we had food coloured time.
If someone thinks that we hadn't got free time, that is a big mistake. We were hanging out almost all the time, a lot of talking, dancing, walking through empty school times… And we created totally new way of expressing, because our Intercultural night became Intercultural time from dawn to dusk.

It was  our last day/night  together. And there was our last morning - Saturday. But I don't want to be sentimental...I think that our hearts’ song will play continuously and I just hope that you agree with me. To a happy life, okay?!