Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday, April 13

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it is all that matters (Audrey Hepburn). 
People search for happiness in different times, places and ways. Some of them find it in books, dancing or nature, but for most of the people is the biggest source of happiness friendship. It is like a  candle in the wind, like light at the end of dark tunel and like symphony of emotions, faith and hope. It is like a star at the sky - although you do not see it all the time, you know that it is always right there.

The story about our exchange is actually a fairy tale about many stars that connected, embraced each other, began to love each other, enjoyed in each others company and then went on different directions, but with the same feeling that are kept deep inside of the heart of every single star.

The first day was the day when we started turning our stars on. We gathered in our school and listened to principal’s speech. Then we moved into one classroom where we wrote down our rules, talked to each other and played some energizers. We had lots of fun when we were playing a game with a watch and dates. You needed to set the date with someone at a particular time and then you talked to him and got to know him better. Soon after that we went out where we had an art workshop.  (The teachers coordinators had a meeting at the Mayor's office in the meantime.) We had to paint the greatest natural and geographical features of our country, but the best part was when we had to print our hands on a large canvas. This canvas had been in the hall of our school as long as it then it found its place in our heart. It is like a sky full of stars. It means that each and every one of us now have actually got a galaxy in the heart. Have you ever thought of that?

After filling our hearts with fun and laughter we had lunch. Then we took a look at some sights of our beautiful small town. In the afternoon our path led us to Cartusian Monastery, where we really felt peace, silence. But after returning there was no silence anymore, because we all went to the park where we listened to music, laughed and did the most important thing-we were happy. Then the sun set down, we turned the music off, said goodbye and went home.

I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time that evening. There were so many things that had happened, so many experience that I wanted to tell somebody about, there were so many different countries all kept in one small school, so many languages and words that I still don’t know how to pronounce, and finally there were so many different stars that I had met for the first time. The stars that I will always keep deep inside of me, the stars that gave me so much love, hope and light, the stars that allowed me to enter their world and to sense the beauty of their existence.