Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, April 14

The school started at 8am. First we had a literature lesson with the hosts. We were separated into five groups. In every group there was one person from Spain, Finland and Hungary and several persons from Slovenia. We had to make posters that had typical frases like 'good morning' and 'thank you' written on them in all four languages.

After the literature lesson we had a workshop for two hours. An entrepreneur named Matija gave us little tasks and told us what kind of things we should do if we wanted to create a company. He told us that being an entrepreneur is very advantageous these days. He also told us a little about himself and his company.

At 11 o'clock began a dance lesson in a dance studio located nearby the school. We had hiphop and some traditional dances from all of the countries. It was really exhausting but fun. After the dance lesson it was time for lunch so we walked to the primary school where the canteen is located. There was pasta, chicken and salad for lunch.

At 13 o'clock we left for Rogla which is a ski resort near Slovenske Konjice. It took us about 40 minutes to get there by bus. In addition to ski slopes there's also a sledding track on rails. The sleds had two seats and breaks that you could use if you wanted to. The speed was about 40km/h. Everyone had three chances to go through the track. It was a lot of fun.

When we came back from Rogla, around six o'clock, the bus driver took us to Luka's place. Luka had decided to host a picnic and all the students from the project were there. There were two long tables set in the yard and we sat by them eating barbecue, talking and having fun. Later in the evening we played some games in the backyard, ate snacks and listened to music. The day was great and I think everybody really enjoyed themselves.

Written by: Emilia Varhi, Loimaan lukio

I woke up at 6. Our school started at 7 o'clock, because we also attended the first lesson. The two first lessons were Slovenian and the teacher ask one Hungarian girl and me to tell about our countries. We told about our schools, cities where we are from, traditional foods and so on. The teacher was very nice and it was fun. In the next lesson there were all the exchange students and we made some posters with words written in English, Finnish, Slovenian and Hungarian.

After the lessons we had a business workshop. An entrepreneur told us how the business world works nowadays. He told that even the craziest ideas can work, if they solve problems that people have. He also told that if you want to succeed, you need to offer some experiences to people. It's not enough that you have good quality or a nice design, because that's what everyone says. You have to create something special so people want to buy your item or idea.
Then we went to Rogla, a skicentre where we were sledding. I haven't tried sledding before, but I  liked it.  It was like a rollercoaster and really fun! There was little snow at the hill but the weather wasn't so cold.
In the evening we had a picnic in Luka's house. We had good food. Sausages, chicken, some vegetables... Everything was tasty. Later we ate chips, cookies and other desserts. We played some games together and had fun! :)

Written by Kaisa Mäki-Mantila, Loimaan lukio