Thursday, August 31, 2017

Closing a circle in Hungary

The Last Transnational Meeting
May 28th to June 1st 2017

I read „closing circles“ not only carries the meaning of completing what you've started, the phrase itself tends to reveal much more. It reveals powerful energies on a spiritual level :) Joking aside, we are convinced that by closing the circle of The Y.E.S. for Future project activities we've created an international community of numerous students, parents, teachers, school staff and other organizations that have been collaborating on the grounds of the same interest: enhancing entrepreneurship among the students which is the main thematic element of the project.
The 3 teachers from each partner school (Alemandralejo, Loimaa and Slovenske Konjice) were welcomed at Arany János Általános Iskola és Gimnázium  for the last transnational meeting. The main plan of the meeting was to evaluate the work done throughout the 3-year project,
implementation of the activities and dissemination of the results put into the wider conext. We as well needed to unify the criteria and define the elements of the reporting process which we still have a head of us to complete.
As always, the Hungarian teachers organized the efficient 4 working days.
The working Monday started at Arany Janos high school where the participants were greeted by the principal Horvathne Aniko at her office. We were asked to express our thoughts on significance of the project. Its impact on our students, colleagues, local communities was particularly emphasized: The Implementation of the the students' work and thematic research carried out, new entrepreneurial, linguistic and digital knowledge putting into effect, exchange of views, methods, skills among the participants, students and the teachers. The last but not at all the least, the connections, friendships and collaboration europewide created while learning and gaining new skills.

After a short tour around school  we settled in in a classroom where we had the last project meeting within this project, which eventually lasted until the next day. So, we started compiling all the important work, products and data concerning the project: Students' and teachers' products created during the activities and mobilities in all 4 countries with the budget: Students' exchanges in Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Spain; transnational meetings in Finland, Slovenia and Hungary; Teacher training in Spain.
The second part of the meeting was dedicated to evaluation of evaluation which was among other possibilities ( group work, video conference) done by a common tool Google questionaries: (needs analysis, at the beginning, after mobilities, mid-term, final evaluation...)

Tired after a big piece of work done we enjoyed the walk around Archeological park where we were acquainted with the local historical heritage and we were finally demonstrated where the name Szazhalombatta came from. A very interesting guided tour brought ancient history to life as we got firsthand experience of Iron Age villages, landscapes and burial grounds.

On Tuesday we concluded our work with the discussion about dissemination of the results and the reporting itself. We as well tackled the challenges we may have come across during the project and at the end, before some more historical and cultural education, we had a look at the operation of the Mobility Tool and work that is still ahead of us.
Budapest again took our breathe away, even though taking a boat cruise we saw the main sights from a different perspective.

Visiting Hungary is not complete without visiting the Hungarian sea as they call it - Balaton. We used the last day for a pleasant trip to Balaton with its lovely towns. First we visited historical Balatonfüred with the famous old Spa and salty mineral water. Then Tihany, a small village with old traditional houses, lovely views on the lake, its majestic Abbey and lavender fields. The day and the visit to Hungary was deliciously finished with wine tasting and dinner in Csopak.

As for the Your Entrepreneurial Skills for Future project, it was closed, so we can start another circle with another project. :)

                                                                                                                                                  Mateja Smolar Tič, Slovenia