Saturday, November 14, 2015

13th November, Friday : our last, but not at all the least enjoyable day together :-)

On Friday we were working really hard on the project activities.  We started the day with the students' presentations on the national labour markets and the jobs that are most in demand in the partner countries followed by a demonstration of local and national start-up companies.  It was really interesting to see all the things that we had been talking and doing research about in actual reality.
After the presentations we could listen to a presentation given by a young businesswoman Takács Neléta who talked about her personal experience and challenges she had to face and overcome on her path tp becoming an entrepreneur. It was really informative and interesting to hear someone's personal story. 

The last activity before the luch break was the Business English competition. It was really fun as we completed the test with a playful application called quizizz and we got immediate feedback on our answers and could follow our position in relation to the other teams. As we had prepared for it before the project meeting we got quite good results. It was really useful and enjoyable too.

After lunch we had one more task to complete. We worked in groups of mixed nationalities and we continued the work we had done on Wednesday during the Business Workshops. We had to write scripts for job interviews and also act them out. It was really great and useful as well as funny sometimes as some of the groups had to demonstrate "bad" job interviews and they were so amusing and creative that we were rolling with laughter. On the other hand, some of the interviews were really great and it was a great experience to step into the shoes of a job candidate and try out what it feels like being interviewed.
We have also collected useful pieces of advices on how to and how not to behave during a job interview, which can come in handy when we take part in "real" job interview situations later in our life.

 In the evening the farewell party arrived and we spent a last few hours together. During the evening every country presented and taught something traditional to the other participants, which was very interesting and great fun. We tried out some Slovenian and Finnish games, saw a demonstration of traditional Spanish dances, listened to a brilliant performance of a Spanish song, and the guest students and teachers took part in a short quiz on Hungary and some information we had learnt during our time spent together.

At the end of the evening we offered a wide variety of traditional Hungarian dishes for our guests to taste and we really hope they liked them!!

On Saturday morning the moment of departure arrived and we had to say goodbye to each other which was hard and full of tears.
We had a wonderful week together and we will definitely keep in touch with our new friends and go on working on the project activities together, and maybe meet during the student exchange programmes in Finland and Spain next year.