Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday October 14th in Turku - Boost

On Friday we took a bus and went to Turku. First we had a social meeting at BOOST . There we made five groups and then we needed to create a new project. After that we presented the project for everyone with the group. Then we went to have burgers and coffee or tea.

Students from different countries
 making new projects together.

We didn't have a lot of time
but still we created really
 good new projects.

We listened to such a great presentation from the people who are working in BOOST.

When the morning was over we took a bus to the center of Turku. Then we started a game which was exploring Turku. During the game the students walked all around the center and they needed to do some tasks. One was at Aboa Vetus where they had a coffee. The last place where they needed to go was Tuomiokirkko and there we all met. 

Students during the game called Exploring Turku. 

Finnish students prepared a few tasks for foreign students.

Once again we took a bus and the group headed to the mall called Mylly. There people had time to do shopping and eat something. After that was time to go home and prepare for the evening’s party.
By Kaisa.